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Design Claudio Bellini

Fotoliu care te invita la relaxare. Disponibil intr-o gama larga de stofe si piei.


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Wave is an elegant, sophisticated armchair with a vintage charm which, in its enveloping shapes and sinuous lines, evokes the flow of sea waves.‎

Technical details:
• The backrest, curved to surround both the circular seat and the back cushions, creates a cozy and intimate space.‎ The circular-shaped back is composed of a plywood frame upon which is placed an undulating cushion of high density polyurethane foam, ensuring maximum comfort.‎
• The base is raised slightly by feet outlined in a light gold satin metal: the metal has undergone a polishing and powder coating process, a protective and decorative finish that guarantees superb scratch-resistance, exceptional durability and ease of cleaning.‎
• Upholstery is available in a wide range of fabrics and leather.‎

The Deep collection is inspired by the beauty of the Adriatic Sea which reaches all the way down from Slovenia to the very tip of Puglia, the region where Natuzzi was founded in 1959 and which is still an essential part of the company’s identity.‎ The fluid shapes of the water can be seen in the endless curves and circles which are transformed eclectically, flowing throughout every object in the collection.‎
The result is a timelessly elegant set of products, which incorporates a retroedge reinterpretedin a contemporary and cosmopolitan tone.‎ The collection breaks free of the past in terms of taste and refinement.‎
The cocooning Wave sofa is among the main pieces in the collection, thanks to its shapes resembling the movement of the sea waves and the enveloping curves of the backrest and cushions creating an inviting, intimate space.‎ Available as a two-seater, a three-seater and an armchair, Wave is refined and elegant, thanks to its raised base and the matte metal legs in light gold to increase its vintage charm; the same finishing is used for the metal profile running underneath the seating to highlight its shape.‎ In addition, the ottoman made of two half-moon elements that can be joined together with an elegant, central, light gold metal magazine rack accessory.‎

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